Ruslan Interactive CDRoms               

These CDRoms were written for 32 bit Windows platforms, for example WindowsXP. They will not normally work with newer versions of Windows, for example Windows 8 and Windows 10, and they will not work on most phones and tablets. Instead please close this window, go back to the home page, and select the Ruslan Russian eBook.

The Ruslan 1 CDRom won a DTI Regional "Languages for Excellence" Award in 2005. It is a multimedia program covering all ten lessons of the Ruslan Russian course. This demo version contains the alphabet introduction and the first lesson, with full sound, and will get you off to a flying start with the language. All the dialogues are on screen, with left click for sound and right click for translation or help, and there are over 200 interactive exercises, including video exercises, with full sound and with picture rewards.

Ruslan 2 and 3 CDRoms are equally if not more interactive, with a very wide range of sound and pictures. For Ruslan 3 there is a set of 3 disks.

Demo downloads. Save the files to your PC and then run them to install the demos.
Ruslan 1: r1cdromdemo_setup.exe 42mb
Ruslan 2: r2cdromdemo_setup.exe 37mb
Ruslan 3: r3cdromdemo_setup.exe 53mb

For technical support close this window and go back to the Home Page. You will find the link to "troubleshooting" in the eBook and CDRom section.

Versions françaises                        
Les CDRoms "Ruslan 1 et 2" marchent sous les régimes 32 bit. Vous pouvez essayer Ruslan 1 ici:
Ruslan 1: r1fcdromdemo_setup.exe 65mb

Svenska versioner                        
There is a Swedish CDRom version of Ruslan 1. Try it here. 32 bit Windows only:
Ruslan 2: r1swcdromdemo_setup.exe 65mb