Ruslan 1 and 2 eBooks
These are on-line versions of Ruslan Russian 1 and 2 for PCs including Apple Macs, iPads and all suitable tablets and phones. This is what you need if you want to have the whole course on one device.


The programs include all the Ruslan 1 and 2 dialogues, texts, songs and poems with full sound and vocabularies as well as the Ruslan 1 video animations, texts and songs. There are 1200 interactive exercise screens, many with sound and pictures. There are translations, dictations and tests. This is a full version of Ruslan Russian 1 and 2 for independent study or as an effective and flexible backup to a course with a teacher.
Note that the Ruslan 2 ebook still uses the 2007 third edition of the book. We hope to upgrade it soon.
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The first lesson of Ruslan 1 is free of charge.
Ruslan Russian 1 Alphabet and Lesson 1    Open access

Logins for the remaining lessons cost £8.50 for 12 months access per three or four lessons:
Ruslan Russian 1 Lessons 2, 3, 4.       
Ruslan Russian 1 Lessons 5, 6, 7.       
Ruslan Russian 1 Lessons 8, 9, 10.     
Ruslan Russian 2 Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4.   
Ruslan Russian 2 Lessons 5, 6, 7.       
Ruslan Russian 2 Lessons 8, 9, 10.     
Login and password will normally be emailed to you the same or next working day using the email address that generated the payment. If you want the login to apply to a different email address please notify at the same time as you make the payment.

More Ruslan Russian ebooks:
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