"Better than the Simpsons!"
Danine Falcon, Instructor in Russian. US Naval Academy.

"Both the interactive content and the video cartoons are absolutely brilliant. I had a few lessons left before breaking for the summer, so I tried a few different things from lesson 8 and they worked beautifully. My students and I enjoyed them very much".
Yelena Kaminsky, Sheffield.

"These cartoons are brilliant! They really help to visualise the dialogues and bring them to life. My students love them and keep singing the songs. A very welcome addition to the Ruslan Russian course".
Dr. Irina Kell, IB Russian teacher, Cambridge.


“Ruslan Russian ebooks are, to quote the song, “simply the best”. They are unrivalled in content, delivery and customer support. There is no other Russian language course which comes even remotely close to providing such a diverse and engaging experience. The ebooks’ ultra-friendly interface transfers seamlessly between phone, tablet and laptop making it possible to take your studies with you anywhere that you have a good internet connection.”
Trevor Johnson, Newcastle upon Tyne.

"I think the eBook is a fantastic product and a great addition to the course book, workbook and the weekly lessons. A number of us in the class have subscribed and everyone is thrilled with it."
Jennifer in London.

"I've used a lot of methods, almost all those on the market, but still the BEST ever is Ruslan. It's simply perfect. The method gives me the sensation that Russian is easy. I speak several languages and I'm an English and Italian teacher, so I can recognise a good teaching method when I see one."
Maria, Paris.

"Our lecturers have been very happy. They can easily switch between whole class work and newly-introduced individual exercises in our language lab. Students can also come in and work independently out of hours. More importantly for me, I haven't had to give people much technical support."
Nick Bartram, University of Bristol Modern Languages Multimedia Centre.

I really look forward to being in the company of Ivan Kozlov and Lyudmila and all the others again! It is such a good story and I love the fact that many of the characters have an edge. Beginners’ materials are often so boring because the characters are Mr and Mrs Right, or because the texts have no connection with each other.
Karin Hyldal Christensen, Forsvarets Sprogskole (Defence Language School, Copenhagen).