Schools, universities etc may purchase Ruslan cartoons and ebook logins for their learners using the prices on the previous page with discounts and a free teacher login for groups of 10 or more users. You will need to provide Ruslan Limited with a list of user names and email addresses.

Please email with any queries and to order.


Alternatively, SCORM versions of Ruslan Russian ebooks are available for schools, colleges, universities and other organisations who want to make the programs available in their Computer Labs, Open Learning Centres etc. You can buy these with an annual licence and you will receive a separate SCORM zip file for each lesson of Ruslan Russian 1 or Ruslan Russian 2 (SCORM version 1.2).

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the industry standard for eLearning interoperability. A SCORM compliant program will work with most Learner Management Systems (LMS), including for example "Blackboard" and "D2L BrightSpace".

You would need to have an LMS that supports SCORM version 1.2.

How to embed a SCORM package in Blackboard and in D2L BrightSpace (With thanks to Nick Bartram, University of Bristol and Julia Ker, University of Surrey).

To import a SCORM package in Blackboard, use the zip file that it is contained in, for example "".
1. Navigate to the content area where you want to add the SCORM object.
2. Select "Build Content" > "Content Package (SCORM)".
3. Browse for the zip file, select and click "Submit".
4. There may be a delay of a minute or two as Blackboard unpacks the SCORM object, but eventually it will bring up the options to edit title, add description etc.
5. In "Make SCORM Available" select "Yes", change any other settings to your liking, e.g single/multiple attempts.
6. Click "Submit". You should be returned to the content area and see the SCORM object displayed as a link. Clicking the link should launch it. If you get a pop up with options, select "Open in new window".

To import a SCORM package in Desire2Learn BrightSpace
1. Go to the module on the VLE
2. Go to Course Setup and select Import Course
3. From the options, select Import Components
4. Drag and drop the zipped file into the box and it will upload
5. Click on Import All Components
6. This will upload the content into the Course Materials section of the module page on the VLE.

The cost for a 1 year SCORM licence for the 10 lessons of Ruslan Russian 1 or Ruslan Russian 2 is £30 per user. Discounts and free teacher logins are available.

A SCORM zip file for Ruslan 1 Lesson 1 2023 is available here for testing.

Please email with any queries and to order.