The Ruslan Russian eBooks give learners an excellent way of practising the language they are learning. I teach a small group of beginners in the local pub. Last week I asked them to use the free demo of Ruslan 1 Lesson 1 for their homework. They were able to go over the dialogues and exercises as often as they needed to and practise all the pronunciation. I noticed a huge leap forward in progress in the class yesterday evening. After two meetings they were already wanting to start lesson 2!

However, teachers cannot recommend material that they haven't seen for themselves.

I am therefore offering free enrolment for the e-versions to up to 20 teachers who are using Ruslan 1 or Ruslan 2. I hope that as a result many teachers will want to recommend the programs to their learners.

The programs are not intended to replace the teacher, but as an additional resource.

If you would like to take part in this offer, please email me with details of the group or groups that you teach!

John Langran, January 2019

PS. I would like to make these e-versions free of charge to everyone, but I cannot do that as I have to pay the company who provide the interactive platform (Nimble Learning) for every learner or teacher enrolment.