Ruslan 1 Student Book by John Langran and Natalya Vesnyeva.
Fifth edition 2012. 176 pages. B5. ISBN 9781899785827. £17.95 with free access to online audio

A communicative Russian course for adults and teenagers.
This is the basic book for beginners. It fully meets the Council of Europe's criteria for accreditation at A1 level.

The current fifth edition is in full colour. There is an alphabet introduction followed by 10 lessons with dialogues with an exciting story line. There are vocabularies and clear grammar explanations. There is relevant background cultural information and there are lots of exercises and communication activities, as well as some fun songs and poems for learners. There are Russian to English and English to Russian dictionaries (2000 approx words). The key to the exercises is on the Ruslan website.

This is the basic book for the course. It is sold with free access to online audio, but you can instead purchase an audio CD if you wish to.

You should also consider the Ruslan 1 Workbook, the Video Cartoons on DVD and the online version of Ruslan Russian 1 (ebook).

An excellent course. My students start to speak straight away! Ruslan breaks down people’s expectations that Russian will be difficult.
Elena Cooper. Atlas Language Centre, Paignton.

If you want to learn Russian properly, for work, holidays or pleasure, then look no further!
Computer Active Magazine.