V Puteshestviye s Grammatikoy - ISBN 9789061433439 - £25.50
By A. Podgayevskaya, L. Poddubskaya and N. Yankeyeva
Pegasus, Amsterdam, 2010
A colourful, well-planned Russian language course produced in Holland for Russian-speaking children living outside Russia. 344 pages, A4. This course is intended for children age 10 or older, who can already read and write in Russian, and who already understand some basics of Russian grammar, such as noun cases and verb conjugations.

An exciting story-line about the adventures of two young girls during their summer holiday, with excellent illustrations.

"V Puteshestviye s Grammatikoy" will significantly improve writing and speaking, and will help build vocabulary and the understanding of a range of grammatical structures.

This book is a big success with my son Vanya who is 14 and has just passed GCSE Russian with an A*. Even though he knows virtually nothing about the cases, he was able to draw parallels with German that he learns at school and managed to sensibly complete all the tasks. The piece of reading was up to his standard and the speaking task was easy. Reading passages in the book are on topics relevant to a biligual child's interests and needs - a bit of Russian history, geography, culture and traditions. The offered grammar is detailed but probably relevant for a child generally interested in learning languages.

This book really meets my expectations of what my son needs to learn about Russian in order to be able not only to converse with us but also use his mother tongue for wider applications in the future.

Tanya Nousinova, Southampton.