Happy Families             

These are two packs of 64 cards (4 x 16 "families") which can be used for several different classroom activities, but mainly for the traditional card game "Happy Families", which practises у тебя / вас есть ...?, the use of genitive after a negative and the use of the accusative after Дайте, пожалуйста, ..., as well, of course, as all the vocabulary on the cards.

Learners work in small groups. First shuffle and deal out the cards. The first player asks of one of the others, for example, if he or she has the car.
– У тебя / вас есть машина?
If he or she does have the car then the conversation continues:
– Да, есть.
– Дайте, пожалуйста, машину.
– Пожалуйста, вот она!
The first player takes the card, says thankyou, and has another turn:
– У вас есть сок?
– Нет, у меня нет сока.
– Как жаль!
and the turn is ended.

As soon as you have a family of four cards in your hand you put them face down on the table. The winner is the person who collects the most families.

There will be two versions of the game at different levels. The first with singular inanimate nouns only is ready now, the second with some animate nouns and some plurals will be ready soon.

The recommended retail price is £21.60. Special offer here £14.40 plus postage:

Ruslan Happy Families Cards Pack 1 is ready now, ISBN 9781912397068:
Pack 2 will be ready soon.

Examples of the cards. Two of the "families" from pack 1:

Pack 1 - the full pack:

The cards are the same size as large visiting cards and are hard wearing. They are packed in strong plastic boxes with an instruction leaflet. The cards in pack 1 are:
1. Арбат, ГУМ, Кремль, Университет
2. автобус, такси, трамвай, поезд.
3. вода, квас, лимонад, сок
4. аптека, банк, гастроном, гостиница
5. велосипед, машина, пароход, самолёт
6. апельсин, банан, лимон, яболко
7. колбаса, курица, мясо, рыба
8. картошка, капуста, салат, суп
9. дача, дом, квартира, собор
10. компьютер, телевизор, принтер, телефон
11. билет, паспорт, пропуск, счёт
12. портфель, рюкзак, сумка, чемодан
13. гитара, балалайка, скрипка, саксофон
14. газета, журнал, книга, словарь
15. кинотеатр, музей, театр, выставка
16. банкомат, киоск, почта, телеграф

You can ask more advanced learners to choose their own adjectives to go with the nouns.

If you are teaching 1:1 then take one card out of each family before you start the game and play with families of three. That way your opponent has to guess which cards you have!