School and college use of the Ruslan 1 Cartoons
If you want to use the Ruslan cartoons just occasionally, then the DVD version will be fine for you.
Details are on the DVD packaging. The DVD is available from

The DVD version is intended for individual use. Schools and colleges who want to use
the cartoons systematically and to network them should buy the USB version, with the appropriate licence.
This licence is valid for three years and gives you permission to show the films regularly to groups and
to network them for student access on a single site. The USB version is now available and the cost of
licences is as follows:

Ruslan 1 cartoons on USB
Number of students:           Up to 20            40             60           80             100             120 and more
Three year licence:                45               60          75         90            105           120
Prices above include one USB stick.
Additional USB sticks on the same licence for additional teachers: 20
Replacement for lost sticks: 20
All prices are ex VAT
Postage costs: 1 UK, 2 Europe, 3 Rest of World

There is no ISBN number for this USB and it is not available in shops.
To order or for any queries please contact John Langran.

For schools and colleges who have already purchased this licence for Lessons 1-5 it is now extended
to cover the use of Lessons 6-10 and will be valid for a further three years until November 2018.
You will need to pay just 20 plus VAT for the new USB stick.

The USB sticks have had to be modified for additional disk space. They include two drives,
one with avi files for lessons 1-5, the other with high quality mp4 files for lessons 6-10.

Teachers who want this USB stick for their own personal use (private classes etc.) can
find it here.

John Langran
November 2015