Nimble ELearning have kindly agreed to enable Ruslan Limited to release the new series of the Ruslan Russian 1 Ebook courses ahead of schedule and free of charge for people hosting Russian-speaking refugees from Ukraine.

These programs use the Nimble 2 Template, which works well on smart phones and tablets, as well as on PCs. To date the Alphabet Starter and Lessons 1-4 of Ruslan Russian 1 are ready for use. The programs are still being proof read and a small number of sound clips are still to be added to lessons 2-4. These will appear in the next few weeks. Please use the links below.

John Langran, April 2022

Links to the programs:
Ruslan Russian Alphabet Starter.
Ruslan Russian 1 Lesson 1.
Ruslan Russian 1 Lessons 2-4.

More lessons will be available in April/May 2022. For a reminder when they are ready please email

The majority of refugees fleeing Ukraine will speak Russian. Those who speak Ukrainian will almost all understand Russian. These Ruslan courses will enable you to make a start at learning Russian yourself, which is likely to be useful in building a relationship with your guests.

We do not know enough about Ukrainian to be able to make recommendations for learning materials. However the site Ukrainian Lessons looks very promising. We would be grateful for any feedback on this.

Help from a teacher
When your visitors arrive they may want to help you with your Russian or Ukrainian, although their main aim is likely to be to improve their English! In the meantime, if you would like Skype or Zoom lessons from a teacher of Russian or Ukrainian, please email and we will try to help.

More details of the thinking behind this project are available here.