This is a high quality board game for learners of Russian.

The board is 44 x 32 cm to fit on a classroom table. It comes in a strong plastic folder with dice, counters, ПРОПУСК cards and instructions in English and Russian.

Players start at СТАРТ and have to get to ФИНИШ. Before each throw of the dice they have to answer the questions "Где ты? Куда ты идёшь?" or "Где вы? Куда вы идёте?". If they land where they wanted to, they get another go. If they land on СТОП they miss a go. If they land on a question square they answer a question about what they are doing there. If they land on the same square as another player they say hello and have a chat in Russian. If they land on ПОЛИЦИЯ they get a ПРОПУСК which allows them through the short route "ПРОХОД ЗАКРЫТ".

To practise "ехать", tell them they are in a car or on bikes!

The recommended retail price is £28.95. Special offer here £19.20 plus postage:

"Куда ты идёшь?" Game set

You can buy additional copies of the board, dice, cards and counters to go in the same plastic folder for £9.60 per set plus postage. This offer is only available from Ruslan Limited:

"Куда ты идёшь?" additional boards, dice, cards and counters

Instructions for the game in English and Russian.

Practise with Pavel and Maria. Use the pause button and give Maria's answers...


Pavel and Maria don't know each other very well, so they are using "вы".

The recording starts like this:
– Мария, где вы?
– Я на старте.
– А куда вы идёте?
– Я иду в парк.
– Хорошо.
– Мария, где вы сейчас?
– Я в парке.
– А куда вы идёте?
– Я иду в школу.
– Хорошо.
– Мария, где вы сейчас?
– Я ...
and so on, all the way to ФИНИШ!

A small group in London using "Куда ты идёшь?".