The Ruslan Russian Language Games were produced in 2019 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ruslan Limited.

Unfortunately COVID struck soon after the games were published and sales were very poor, for obvious reasons. I was able to sell a small number of games sets through Amazon and through bookshops. Interestingly, a Russian bookshop in Finland was my best client for them!

I now want to free up my storage space which is limited here in mid Wales. I am offering UK teachers a pack of eight games for £15: two sets each of "Happy Families 1", "Happy Families 2", "Pronoun dice and workcards" and "Куда ты идёшь?".

The two sets of "Куда ты идёшь?" will be in a cardboard folder. Apart from this, everything will be as described at ruslanrussianlanguagegames.htm

I am also offering my book "Игры на уроках русского языка" for £12.

Both prices include postage.

Both offers are while stocks last. I currently have about 150 sets of the games and 40 copies of the book.

Prices are for teachers or learners in the UK only. Feel free to order as many sets as you wish. Teachers in schools can email to order, but I would need an order number. From overseas please send an email and I will work out the additional postage costs.

If for example you buy one set of the games collection and one copy of the book the saving for you on the Ruslan website prices would be £141.80 for the games collection and £6 for the book.

John Langran. April 2024

Ruslan Games offer £15 including postage:

Ruslan Games book offer £12 including postage: