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Page 25 "Find the other engineers!" - Video of two groups of teachers who practised this activity at the Russian Teacher Group meeting in March 2012.

Page 37. Theatre programme. Where is the stress on the Russian names? ☊

Page 44. Poetry with Russian numbers. ☊

Page 45. Template for bingo cards for telling the time.

Page 51. Moscow metro map.

Page 51. Interactive Moscow metro map.

Page 56. Jigsaw listening exercise. Вадим делает предложение. ☊

Page 67. Mastermind additional questions.

Page 69. Blockbusters additional questions.

Page 74. Three recordings of jokes.

Pages 76 and 77. Recording of the song "Провожанье".

Page 79. Recordings of the tonguetwisters.

Page 80. Тост за моего учителя.

Page 81. Presentation for "Аукцион".

Page 82. "Перепись населения". Worksheet and recording to practise the stress in Russian family names.

Page 93. Russian Scrabble is currently available from Grant and Cutler at Foyles.