An introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet for learners of Russian and for travellers to Russia. This is a 96 page pocket-sized booklet in full colour to help travellers and learners of Russian learn the Russian alphabet and at the same time meet a range of cultural, historical and practical references as a general introduction to the Russian language and to Russia and Ukraine.

The text is interactive, you can write in the pronunciation in English letters to help you remember the Russian sounds.

The difference between this and other Russian Alphabet materials is that we have used a large number of cultural, historical and political references and have included useful words for getting around in Russia. You can learn something about Russia while learning the alphabet - much more fun!

The booklet will be useful for school groups and individuals travelling to Russia, as well as for beginner learners.


You start with letters you can recognise.

For each group of letters there are recorded examples:

There are some recognition exercises:

Below are some letter pages. Learners can write in how they think the Russian is pronounced and then check with the recordings on the website.

Another recognition exercise:

This page is from the "Signs and other useful words" section: