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Ruslan Russian 2 Course Book
ISBN 9781912397150
John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva
New fourth edition, updated and modernised
Publication September 1st 2020

The Ruslan 2 course book (160 pages in full colour) continues the exciting Ruslan 1 story line with Ivan, Lyudmila, Peter and Vadim. There are 10 lessons with lively dialogues, clear grammar explanations, lots of reading, listening and writing exercises and language games for the classroom or for online training. Ruslan 2 takes you to a very good GCSE level, and is easily equivalent to the Council of Europe A2 standard.

High quality recordings of all the dialogues and listening exercises are free of charge at www.ruslan.co.uk/audio and a double CD set (ISBN 9781912397167) is available for those who need CDs. Many of the tracks have been re-recorded with better quality and reduced speed.

Ruslan 2 Workbook. ISBN 9781912397082
96 Pages A4 format. Black and white. 158 exercises linked to the Ruslan 2 Russian course. The exercises include listening exercises with recordings at www.ruslan.co.uk/audio .
An audio CD is available for those who need one.

Ruslan 2 Reader. ISBN 9781912397136
48 Pages B5 format. Full colour. For each lesson there are four pages of additional texts and exercises. The story is about Igor travelling to Samara and Novosibirsk, with a wide range of background information about life in Russia today. This reader is an extra for those who want to reach a higher level, or useful revision when you have completed the Ruslan 2 course book. The sound recordings are free on the website or available separately on CD (ISBN 9781912397143).

Ruslan Russian 2 CD-ROM
(DTI Languages for Export Award 1999)
These prizewinning CDRoms are for 32 bit Windows, for example XP. Click here for details.