Ruslan Russian 1. John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva
The Ruslan 1 course book (176 pages, full colour) tells the story of Ivan, Lyudmila, Peter and Vadim in Moscow, as well as the "typical foreigner" whose escapades show up some of the misunderstandings that can occur when travelling in Russia. In the reading sections Igor is in Saint Petersburg.

There are 10 lessons with lively, humorous dialogues, clear grammar explanations, reading, listening and writing exercises, songs and poems for learners and language games for the classroom. Ruslan 1 is easily equivalent to the Council of Europe A1 standard for foreign language competence.

There is an audio CD with high quality recordings of all the dialogues and listening exercises. Recordings of the dialogues are by members of the Rossica Choir, Saint Petersburg.

Ruslan 1 Workbook
112 pages A4 format. Black and white. 203 exercises linked to the Ruslan 1 Russian course. The book comes with a free audio CD with recordings for the listening exercises.

Ruslan 1 Video Cartoons
The dialogues, reading texts, songs and poems have been animated to give a glorious overview of the story line. This is a double DVD with options with or without subtitles in Russian. "Better than the Simpsons!"

Ruslan 1 Book ISBN 9781899785827 - £13.95
Ruslan 1 Audio CD ISBN 9781899785841 - £10.95
Ruslan 1 Book with CD ISBN 9781899785834 - £21.95
Ruslan 1 Workbook with free CD ISBN 9781899785223 - £11.95
Ruslan 1 Cartoons Double DVD Set ISBN 9781899785988 - £19.95

Ruslan Russian 1 eBook
This is an online version of the course using new technology provided by ELearning 247 and containing all the elements listed above. The Ruslan 1 eBook is ideal for learners working without a teacher.

Ruslan Russian 1 CD-ROM
(DTI Languages for Export Award 1999)
These prizewinning CDRoms are for 32 bit Windows, for example XP.